How Well Do You Know Your Recruiter?

Or maybe the question should be, how well does your recruiter know YOU?


Most of the large recruiting companies and staffing agencies don’t have recruiters that are going to take the time to get to know you. Why? I used to work in that environment and know they aren’t built or compensated that way. Their job is to see if you can fog a mirror and then slam you in to a position they have and then move on to the next position that they have to fill. They probably found your resume online or saw that you had one keyword in their search and found the ‘perfect opportunity for you’. Seriously? They gathered that from your profile or resume in 6 seconds?


I’ve also read a couple of articles from HR experts in the last month that encourage candidates to not give critical information to their recruiter. That just doesn’t make sense. Understand that the less information you share with me the less I can help and we really are just wasting each other’s time. I have to learn what makes you tick. What do you REALLY need? What do you REALLY want? Is it about money? Lack of advancement? Or is it simply just time to move on?


So what should you do? You should build a relationship with at least a couple of recruiters that have experience and expertise in their field and their market. You can tell if they do by simply looking at their profile on LinkedIn. How many connections do they have? How many recommendations? Is anyone endorsing them in their top skills?


Don’t be fooled by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Make sure you are dealing with a recruiter that has experience and that truly has your best interest in mind.