Should I Sign Exclusivity Agreements with Staffing Firms?

Recently, a candidate of mine mentioned that a national firm found his resume online and wanted him to come in and chat.  Upon arriving, they had him sit down and fill out paperwork to get ‘registered’ in their system.  He asked all of the ‘what for’ questions and the administrative professional stated that it was standard procedure.  He politely declined.  When the recruiter came in to chat with him, he asked the candidate what the problem was.  He was confused as to why he would need to sign any paperwork, including exclusivity agreements, if he didn’t know what they were going to discuss or what companies may be hiring.  The ‘chat’ ended within 10 minutes.


The same goes for clients.  Why would you sign an exclusivity agreement with ANY staffing firm?


Folks, blanket exclusivity agreements from staffing firms are from the Jurassic Era.  Your relationship with your search firm should be a 2 way street.  Are you dealing with a search firm that truly has your best interest in mind that wants to discuss YOU first?  Or are you dealing with a dinosaur?