Building Blocks

The design of the new Talent Services site was something we wanted to be modern and relevant. I researched several WordPress themes and presented my findings. In addition to showing the theme demo, I created several mockup pages that helped demonstrate what the look and feel would probably be. Once we bought the theme, I began to get my hand dirty by poking around in the mud. By mud, I mean the confusing WordPress interface with a complex third-party theme added on.

For someone completely new to WordPress, creating a real, professional functioning site designed to create business was quite challenging. Now, I feel like I can do anything.

I was surprised at how little help was easily available with modifying WordPress themes. You could spend weeks sifting through and piecing together barely-relevant videos on YoutTube. And had only basic tutorials that focused on “essentials,” meaning very basic technique. But this site isn’t basic. It’s not overly complicated either… but its design complexity demanded quite a bit more than just essentials. Thankfully, EdgeThemes provided support for their theme and provided solutions for every problem I had. I’ll admit that I’ve spent many hours just kind of staring at the screen. But now that it’s up, I can see the fruits of my labor and feel confident in our Talent Services division counting to thrive.

Happy New Year.


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